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You don’t need to lose weight alone. All bodies are different and have different needs. We want to ensure the best results for our patients which is why our team is led by our Founder Dr. Majid, an award-winning surgeon, who will personally perform any weight surgical procedures herself to ensure the best results are achieved. The team at the Weight Loss and Wellness Center is here to help you through your entire weight loss journey. In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss you, your goals, and your medical needs. We’ll find the best bariatric surgical solution for you, and help you in your recovery and maintaining your weight loss.

Created with the purpose of providing real tools to help patients cure or control the disease of obesity. We have a patient centric approach that is driven by excellence in patient care as well as state of the art, evidence based treatment strategies.

Our mission is to empower and educate our patients through personalized support and state-of-the-art treatment options so you can regain control of your life and health.

Dr. Majid and our team at the Weight Loss and Wellness Center have dedicated our careers to helping patients from every walk of life–mothers, fathers, children, and teens–in overcoming obesity and gaining access to the tools needed to support long-term weight loss and healthful lifestyles. We consider it a privilege and honor to support our patients through their weight loss journey using our skill sets and knowledge to help others.

Our team truly enjoys caring for patients with obesity and always strive for excellence in patient care and service. Obesity is a disease that impacts all ages, genders, and races in so many ways (psychologically, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.), so applying our training and experience to help our patients in overcoming this disease is both our honor and duty.
It’s our mission to acquire useful and practical knowledge about weight loss and obesity that we can transfer to our patients to help improve their health and lives. We take pride in empowering others through education, enabling patients of all ages to reach their highest potential in all aspects of life.
To us, serving our patients with excellence and the highest level of attention is very important, and we aim to always give nothing less than our absolute best. We believe that the physician-patient relationship is very special and sacred, so we put all of our energy and care into building and maintaining that bond.
We are excited about the impact weight loss treatment has on resolving chronic disabilities, such as type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and infertility. Gaining control of your weight and health is very powerful and we’re passionate about providing you with proactive and preventative treatments as well as state-of-the-art surgical options.

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We are a leading medical and surgical specialty practice, with an excellent reputation, looking to add a physician assistant/nurse practitioner to our team. This is a patient centric, truly comprehensive center focused on helping patients who are struggling with the disease of obesity. Primary role will be seeing patients in the office...
New Jersey 03/13/2023 View

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