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Established in 2006 by Herndon “Buzz” Jeansonne, Louisiana Healthcare Practitioners (LHCP) opened new doors to it’s surrounding community by offering quality healthcare close to home. Previously owned by Dr. Newel Gauthier, the Cottonport Family Clinic and Simmesport Family Clinic were each open for half of a day, making it difficult for those who lacked transportation accessible to healthcare. Once under ownership by Buzz, both the Cottonport Family Clinic and Simmesport Family Clinic expanded its hours of service to full 8 hour days. As the demand for healthcare in the community and it’s surrounding areas quickly expanded, the Mansura Family Clinic later became established. These clinics offered accessible healthcare services desperately needed in low socioeconomic areas, as well as those with lack of transportation. Today, LHCP has expanded it’s area of service by establishing Elizabeth Family Clinic, Marksville Family Clinic along with the new opened Palmetto Family Clinic.

 Louisiana Healthcare Practitioners is composed of Rural Health Clinics that address the inadequate supply of physicians in under served areas by utilizing Nurse Practitioners to provide quality patient care. Our free-standing rural health clinical endeavor to implement the patient-centered medical home healthcare delivery model. Focusing on primary care, we work with multiple provider types and functional systems to ensure we help the patient engage care across the continuum. By using scarce resources in order of priority, we ensure our patients have access to care at the most appropriate time and intervals. The entire staff of LHCP is dedicated to provide the best care for all of our patients and putting our patients’ needs first. We strive to establish a trusting and compassionate relationship that will leave a lasting impact.

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Family Nurse Practitioner
We are looking for an experienced and dedicated Nurse Practitioner (NP) to join our growing staff. You will provide direct patient care, discussing patient symptoms and concerns and performing thorough examinations to diagnose their medical problem and prescribe medication or create a treatment plan if necessary. When required, you wil...
Louisiana 04/20/2023 View

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